About YoYoLemon®

Why Do We Create YoYoLemon Sex Toys?

Have you ever been deceived by low-price advertising, bought odd smell low-quality Adult Toys or suddenly stopped-working Adult Toys and eventually caused a disappointing sex life experience?

Or have you been tricked into buying Adult Toys at a high price by a big name flashy promotion? Remember you are buying the brand if so, not the product, save your money.

The YoYoLemon founder as an expert in the Adult Toys production industry for many years thinks it's time to change above situations. It's our goal to make a fun and delightful sex life available to everyone. That's the reason why YoYoLemon Adult Sex Toys Store was born.

Why YoYoLemon Can Provide Cost-Effective Products?

We do not invite celebrity models to shoot product promotional pictures and videos nor celebrity endorsements.

We don't do flashy product boxes.

We do not spend extra money not related to product function and quality.

We mostly focus on the product development. The savings are our customers' money.

So we can sell premium products at reasonable price.

YoYoLemon Quality Guarantee.

We have a 100 day free returns policy and a 2 year product guarantee.

Our Customer Service team is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We ship orders in discreet and plain packages from our warehouses in the US, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, and no one will ever know what's inside. 

Our customers deserve the best, and we will do whatever it takes to give it to them. We stand by our promises to provide unique and innovative premium quality sex toys to bring you the very best of sexual happiness.

Contact information

YoYoLemon Headquarters

Rongshengyang Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhenshi Futianqu Yuanlingjiedao Baguasanlu
Bagualing Gongyequ Danshensushe Di 24 Dong 422
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518000 China

HongKong Office

Rong Sheng Yang Limited

Customer Service: service@yoyolemon.com