YoYoLemon Adult Sex Toys Reviews

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Best thing ever

As a trans gay/queer gay man. This literally makes me moan and beg for more. And the fully charged babe last for a very good time. I love it so much

lots of pleasure

Love this finger vibe. Small, quiet and convenient that I can take this anywhere. It gives great pleasure.

worth buying

Bought for my wife and she loves it.

Awesome 👍😎

This feels so good, especially speed 3suction 3 setting up untill climaxing,then climax button and it literally feels like someone's sucking you. Ohh God it feels so good to play with! Highly recommend!


Wow what a toy this is perfect to use Alone or with a partner the orgasms are so intense and honesty never had a better toy! Nothing to complain about bar I’m now addicted to using it ha ha! If you are wanting a great toy then this is the one to buy!!!

it feels so life like

Nice girth size and a variety of vibration levels. I make myself come every single time with this powerful thing.

Nice fit.

This product was easy to fit and it had a very nice snugness when wearing with the dual cock rings. My wife loved to use the controller to tease me. We had a lot of fun with this toy.

Glad I bought it

Exactly what I was looking for! Good size and stays on the finger very well. Great vibrations it was perfect during sex. My partner and I had so much fun using it.

It's a great investment for couples.

Great product, the panty magnet ensured it stays firmly in place for public couple play, and there are no concerns about it falling out. It's quiet but powerful to keep me going and wanting more. No one notices it's on except me and my partner. The thrill of wearing it in public is really exciting.

An outstanding toy!

I loved the rabbit ears and it felt great on my clit. Also found my G spot with this vibrator! Both parts made me c-m!

Buy it to make your wife happy.

Great toy and my wife absolutely love it being used on her pussy on all the settings. She said it gave her the best amazing orgasm ever! It was definitely a brilliant investment.

A brilliant little toy.

Really pleased with the toy though, nice design and very satisfying functions. The experience was surprisingly intense and hard to forget it. I reached orgasm rapidly without being able to stop!

Best organism on of my life

It did better than my husband of 15 years. I wish I had this before and I wouldn’t have married him! Buy it before you marry so you don’t make the same mistake as me!

😍Made me has my best night

I never had the best orgasm in my life! Ok buy it so you don’t need ya man! WOMEN RULE

It's a wonderful product.

It arrived quickly and discreetly in plain black packaging. The product itself is sleek and ergonomic in design. I love the feel, comfort, and ease of use. The different patterns are strong and wonderful.

The clit licker is unbelievable.

I love the different functions of the tongue. Works very well great orgasms.

Definitely worth the money.

Works as expected, great in the shower and easy to clean.

Worth it

The g spot vibe was strong with perfect size for deep magic. It's easy to clean, easy to use for beginners. Highly recommend!

great stimulation

Product is very simply to use. The vibrations are very strong and intense on the testicles, great feeling!

Fantastic play toy for men!

The vibration work pretty well. This is the one which feels the most like a "blowjob" as it has the smooth, warm and powerful suction feels like someone is sucking! Definitely bring me to a climax very quickly.

Worth the money!

This vibe is easy to wear and the strong magnet keeps it sit comfortably in place for pin point accuracy stimulations. The vibrations are very powerful to bring me to orgasm, it's simple to use via remote control.

Love this thing.

A great thing to mimic oral sex, and the sensation of the different vibes around the glans is so good. Once you've used the warm up function, it feels amazing and as close as you can get to the real deal. It's a complete game changer.

Excellent product

This is a great male masturbator with a ton of features. The suction cup is great and sturdy. The female moans sound super fun. The sleeve was just the right fit for me. It wasn't too tight or too loose. It definitely needs to be used with water based lube though, especially if using it at the faster thrusting speeds!